I usally wear 3D glasses. I wear them everywere. I have to have 3-D glasses because I was born like that. It's rare for penguins to have to have 3-D glasses.

I'm 11 years old (not in club penguin in real life) I am A CLUB PENGUIN MANIAC I live in the U.S.A and I have a lot of servers I go on some are Automobile, Yeti, Yukon, Rainbow, Alpine, and Marshsmellow. My favorite color is blue I like pizza. I have the game Club penguin Game day and I used to have Herbert's Revenge, but that was my first club penguin game. I didn't know that Club penguin games are really short and easy. So I sorta Gave it to Game Stop... another thing about was that at that time I didn't know that if you use the code once you can't use it on another account. So I gave it back to Game Stop with the used code... oops. oh and the club penguin blog that I looked at for cheats before I even made this blog  was penian4! Lets give him a big round of applause! *claps for penian* random dude: YEY! YEY!!! WEEE YEY!!

Frequently asked questions about Gamerguy1

Q.Do you play any other Virtual Worlds?

A.I play Club Penguin, (my 1st favorite) Legos, Handipoints, Beyblades,Shining Stars, Poptropica, ( My 3rd favorite)McDonalds, Webbliworld,Panfu,(My seond favorite) Toontown and iknowthat. So if i'm bored on club penguin I can just go play Poptropica.

Q.Do you have any other blogs?

A.No and I'm not planning to make another.

Q.Are you the only author on this blog?

A. Yes but I might want to get Nettcod Chippy101 and Ruben1013 to be on the blog.
Q.What are your hobbies?

I like wait lt me rephrase that... LOVE to play cp! I stink at sports but im great on the Wii and meh ipod touch.

Q. What made you want to make a blog?

Well I was on penian blog and there we're a bunch of people with those thingys in the corner of your comment so that meant lots of people had blogs so I kinda felt left out so I went on weebly and made a blog for kids under 13 and again im 10.