1. Dance on pathways: You know how penguins walk on pathways. Sometimes they say dance here if your cool, and when you try to go there you just go to the other room? Well im going to show you how to be cool! First click on a pathway and right after you click on it click the mail icon. After that wait for at least 10 seconds then click X on the mail. You should be on a pathway!

2. Astro Barrier level cheat: When you start Astro Barrier don't click start type a number 1 2 or 3 if you click 1 it will take you to level 10 if you click 2 it will take you to level 20 if you click 3 it will take you to level 30.

3. Throw snowballs faster: When you want to plant pizza at the mine you want to throw snowballs fast. So you can get more pizza right? Or if your in a snowball battle and you call your self hyper, you need to be hyper. This is how to do it. Make sure your cursor is not on your chat bar and press T. Before you press T each time you should click the place you want to throw at. So it's T Click T Click T Click T Click T...

4. Dance contest expert level: In the game Dance contest you might think you're the best, but the expert level is almost impossible! When Cadence asks you to pick a level, click on her nose. She will say "Oh, you're looking for a challenge? You can try expert mode but it will be very difficult!" then get ready to lose...

5. Secret friendship bracelet: Go to the book room. Open the red book or the one on the shelf. Open the book called "Rockhopper and the Stowaway". Skip to the last page. Click on the friend ship bracelet. It will ask you if you want it, click Yes. You have a friendship bracelet!

6. Rockhopper's secret key: Go to the book room and click on the book on top of the book shelf or the red book. Open up the book called rockhoppers jornal and flip to the back page. Click on the key and when Rockhopper's ship comes you will be able to go to the Captian's Quarters!
Rockhopper's Key