To all of those panfu players!

Even though this is for club penguin this is about panfu. People have been saying panfu is a copy of club penguin. IT MIGHT BE! Here some proof. I was going to finish a quest so I went to the castle. Im not a gold panda because I have a membership on club penguin so I have to see the adds. Well when I got to the outside of the castle. There was a club penguin advertisment! So I thought that might be proof of panfu and club penguin are the same. Here's the picture! Leave a comment of your thoughts! I think it might just be that they put out any add they want but probably not. Adds are what support the website!

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NOBODY CAME? REALLY? IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! oh well im not going to make a big deal out of it. Ruben wanted to come but I said it would be boring with one person. CLAP FOR RUBEN! I got De blob 2! Comment or leave a comment on my youtube if easy mode is WAY TO EASY it might just be the titorial. Here are the pictures:
Cool huh? NOT! I wish you came! It was going to be awesome! I saved some cake! Leave a comment!


My birthday party!

My birthday is on the 19th  and I am having a party!(in real of corse not cp) For some weird reason I tried to upload a video about my birthday party but it wouldn't upload. So I am changing the date and anouncing the party on my blog. Unfortunately the party will be during the medieval party. So it won't be like the regular forest or cove. My igloo will be the same of corse but we will go other places depending how cool the medieval party is. You can wear a party hat from the anniversy party if you have one! I hope it's not like the Chirsmas party where NO ONE came. I hope you all come! The details are below! PIN TRACKER: DOJO
Reading glasses too far away? It's okay! I will tell you! Server: Snow Shoe Day: May 21st Where: My igloo on the map Time: 12:00 Penguin Standard Time


Norman Swarm

Norman Swarm is at the stage! The entrance is cool! There is also a secret room and pin! Have everyone stand on the O's (the five O's) you should find the secret room! (Remember to stand not sit or dance) There's also five O's at the bottom. You can't have 10 people stand in the middle of them. When you do the treasure cheast will open up and you will find the pin! The other pins are at Ski Village and the Dance club! The field ops is at one end of the ice burg! Hope that helped!

New play at the stage!

There's a new play at the stage and it's... Random Guy 23469:FAIRY FABLES! "Umm no. IT'S... Random guy 32345:RUBY AND THE RUBY YAY! "NO ITS NOT! THE NEW PLAY IS-" Random guy:12357 SPACE ADVENTURE PLANET Y!!! :D NO! ITS SQUIDZOID VS. HERO GUY AND GAMMA GAL!  Huge group of random people:Ohhh! Well anyway thats the play and there are no hidden items! You should check it out. There's also the april fools party coming up on the 25th! (I haven't been posting a lot becuase weebly is slow on my computer when I do some things. I'm trying to find out if you have to pay for word press if you dont have to if you have to be 13 or older. I might join!!) Updare???? A new play is here and it's norman swam has been trasformed with cool costumes, like the snail and the spider!

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New pet shop and game!

There's a new pet shop because of the puffle party! There's also a new game! It's really cool and it has a lot of stamps and new graphics for puffles!! There's even a new way to adpot and feed your puffles! Go to the pet shop to check it out! Also there's a new version of bean counters with diffrent graphics! (That was a short post) ^_^

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The puffle party is here!

I wanted to let you know the puffle party is here. Even though it will end next monday I don't post often because weebly is slow on my computer. I dont like using it when it's slow. So there are rooms for every colored puffle! DJ Candence is at the puffle party and you might be able to get her stamp. (Im not sure if aunt arctic is though) There are two free items one is in the plaza and one is in the puffle show. The puffle show is one of two member room's you can bring your puffle to the show. The other member room is the Night Club Rooftop. Even though the room is for members I found a glitch from that non-members can get into member rooms! Click the link here  then click on a server and your on the rooftop! Type in 852 where 853 is in the link to go to the puffle show. It's really cool! Get on club penguin now for the puffle show! It end's The 27th! Also check out the funny pictures section! Comment on your thoughts!


New clothes and igloo catalog

PIN TRACKER: HIDDEN LAKE. PIN TRACKER: SKI LODGE ATTIC There's a new catalog at the gift shop! There are a few hidden items. Click on the helmet on the painting penguins hat on the first page and you could get a red viking hat for 750. Click on it four times and you could get a blue viking hat for 1200. Go to the back to the penguins at work sign and click on the word penguins. There's also a new igloo catalog! Click on a diffrent letter in the word pictures for a different picture there's all of the puffle signs except orange and brown the newer ones. Leave a comment on wh at you think!

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New play at the stage and system defender

There's a new play at the stage! It has a lot of rare items! Space adventure planet Y had the robot costume. The Penguins that time forgot has a hula dancing costume! How to get the hula dancing costume is open the costume trunk and click on the G in Forgot from the cover Penguins that time forgot. Also your spy phone will blink blue and you will get a message from jet pack guy. You need to go to the EPF HQ pronto! Before I tell you why
theres a new newspaper! If you open the envenlope in the secrets column there will be a tuft of fur attached to a picture. Scroll over it
When you get to system defender there is a herbert level! I think system defender is easy. When you hear herbert say a caterpiller it's not really a caterpiller its really a (centipede) bunch of orange bots its easy for me! Leave a comment on your thoughts!


Forest Expedition is here!

The forest expedition is here until the 30th! watch this video for a guide!
I don't know why members couldn't either just get the hat or finish the whole thing. Club penguin should of have thought that through. Comment on your thoughts!
UPDATE: There if you go back in the cave theres a brown puffle house!



PIN TRACKER: COFFEE SHOP. The field op is on the mountian. If you get it done there is a message from Gary from a new app for your iPhone. Whoops I mean Spy phone. Whenever something happens at the EPF you can check with the message button and see what's happening. The first message is from Gary. He says they need help an fast. It's not a drill! When you get there theres a new club penguin game called system defender some games only members can play. Some games non-members can play. Well have fun!
I think the game is easy.

Youtube channel!

Hello readers I am happy to tell you that I have a youtube channel! There is also a page for it on this blog! It's just entertainment. Take a look at my first video.
Pretty good for my first? I won't be posting every single video on the home page, but I will be posting them on the youtube page. Comment on your thoughts!


New catalog and EPF'S COVER BLOWN!!!

There's a new catalog for a new year! For the red viking helmet click on the bucket on the head of the painting penguin. Click on it 4x for a blue viking helmet! Click the bottom of the tree above the buy sign for the Gray beard for a Huge White Scarf. Also EPF's cover is BLOWN!!! Read the new newspaper ( btw my fav part of the newspaper is the riddles, unless it was the OLD newspaper then it would be the COMICS!! OLD CP OLD CP OLD CP OLD CP OLD CPPPPP!!!!! ) the top section says how agents went around the island in their gear and non agents noticed. Click on read more and you'll notice that somebody thats not an agent told everybody about them. Scroll your mouse over the words and when you come to the first word that says epf. A message from the director will pop up. It says that Gary is working hard to make a new Spy Phone! ( I hope they won't take flare away! D:<<<< OLD CP OLD CP OLD CP!!! ) The spy phone will be here Jaunray 10! That's in 2 days! Comment on your thoughts!

I thought I had a dream about billybob and a snail ( might be Rsnail) and a hog ( probably Screenhog) giving away new cp but im not sure.



I'm sorry I haven't been posting latley it's because I got an ipod touch for Christmas! I hope you had a good Christmas because it's almost 2011! (The field op is in the night club at the big speaker) There's a new play at the stage, they didn't put it in the newspaper but they might do it soon. The new pin is at the stage to get it do this. Click on the droor with the globe on it, then click on the trash can. Click on the book, then the vase after you click on the painting click on the safe and then the pin. There's hidden items in the costume trunk too! On the page with the Tenor and the Doorman click on the door. On the back of the book click on the How do I get coins box and drag it down and click on the background. Also you heard of the secret room, (the town center) that ??? was supposed to be changed to after the party. Well if you go to the beach the sign is still there. It says "Check back January 4 to see the coins for change results!" So do you think the town center will be here on/after January 4? Comment on your thoughts!


No one :(

NO ONE came to my Christmas party. :( I stayed for a while and waited for people to come but, nobody came. I was hoping to post about what we did not that no one came. Well Merry Christmas anyway. I hope this is the only party that nobody comes to.


This is my first party from my blog!!! I hope people come because it doesn't have a lot of hits. Anyway here is the time and everything.
December 23rd
Server: Snow Globe
Time: 11:00 PST
Starting Place: Ski Loudge

I hope you can come! In other news the Ice Rink is back! I was wondering why that other thing was there for two months or so. There's also a new catalog. First click on the green penguin. The second page click on the green penguin's nose. On the third page click on the word ICE in iceskating. That's all. Well i'll see you all at the party!



PIN TRACKER: DOCK TYPE: SNOWGLOBE unfortunately I don't have a Rockhopper tracker but you can use Chrisdog's   The Xmas party is here!

Free Items
At almost every party there're free items. One is at Ski Village it says free items they're reindeer antleers Another is at the pirate ship.

Rockhoppers Ship
 At every Christmas party Rockhopper comes! Inside the ship in the storage room there's a catalog with one free item and thats a Globe Hat. In the Captians Quarters I like how it's set up. If you get money there you can just waddle to the coins for change station to donate 100 and go back to earning coins.

Member Stuff
Sometimes there're things at a party only a member can access. At this party its up on the Dance club rooftop going click click click (no it's not Kluzty)
You can ride in a sleigh with Santa! And a million other random people I don't know! What you do is press fly and try press the red button when the bag of toys is over a chimmey. if you get all the toys in the chimmeys you get a free member items. A bag of toys to carry around.

There're are tons of decorations at this party! There's the dance club that has a lot of decorations! The cove and ski hill has toys sticking out of the snow. In the lighthouse there are lots of coins a giant pile all going to people that are poor! (I think the cp babys will ruin that momment, I saw them taking all the coins) And another decoration is at the beacon unstead of the giant light thing it's a red Christmas bulb. So check that stuff out.

Secret room
I was at the town and I saw an arrow pointing to somewhere else. I went in and found this humongus tree covering the whole space. ( about 3x bigger than the full grown tree at the mine) I found I think when the party's over it's going to change into this
secret room
I found this on penian's blog. Here's the link If you notice on the side it says something like note book. I think instead of saying party at my iggy in the town you can just post it there. It's also a water fall. I think that thing on the left is either just a hang out place or a tour tower. Instead of the tiny little tour stand (which is actully too big for small penguins) we can go inside a tour tower.

Coins for change
There are coins for change stations all over club penguin! If your a member you can even get one inside your house! There are three reasons you can donate for. 1. To build better and safer buildings. 2. To protect the earth and save the enviorinmet. 3. Help sick people in other countrys. When you choose that you have to choose how many coins you have to donate 100 500 800 or 5000. Also there are two new stamps for the party one is called volunteer you can even donate 100 and you'll get the stamp (I suggest 500 but I didn't do that, I think you should anyway) The other pin is called Top Volunteer for this one you have to give 5000 coins, this pin is ranked hard. I have both of them!

Wow that's a lot of things to do! Well have fun with them!


Billybob lies?

If you get on cp today you'll notice that the party isn't here yet. They always do it one day before but, today they're late. Take a look at this from billybob's blog.

  Here's a handy list of what's going on in December:
Dec. 9: New holiday igloo stuff is out - including some items you've been asking for.
Dec. 9-12: The Igloo Contest is open. Time to get decorating!
Dec. 16: The Holiday Party and Coins For Change start!

December 16? And also check how it says the Igloo contest is from 9-12, it starts on the evening on the 9th not in the morning. I checked on the new log in screen today and it said its the 17th billybob should of said that! I stayed up and I thought the party was today.
Leave a comment on what you think.



Its at Ski Village. Click on the mountian after you click "Accept Field-Op" and your spy phone should turn green. Its the one where you have to figure out what shapes to put on your spy phone because the red yellow and green lights tell you. Then you get a medel you get to use for EPF clothes!



If you've been to the beacon latley you would of noticed that Rockhopper is coming closer! The Deck the Halls Igloo contest is here for only 10-12 so start decorating your igloos with christmas stuff. Here's some catalog cheats to help you. On the first page click on the penguins holding the coins for change sign on the coins for change bucket for holiday lights. Click on the start on the tree for holiday bells. On second page the  click on the lantern that the candy cane is holding for a tiny leaning tree.Click on the wood in the wood stove for a icicle lights. On the thrid page click on the blue bird on the snowman for a Wrought Iron Lamp Post. So that's all, good luck with the contest!



Field op 25! Gary tells you to go to a booth teleport to the Plaza and go to the ticket booth! click on the ticket sign so you dont have to wait for other people to finish.
It's the one with the red things and the green power boost and the thing you use to zoom around. So thats pretty much it. If you win you get a medel...



I know I haven't posted in a while so now im going to do it all in an update. The field op is at the cove near the end with the white and red bulbs that keep you from going any farther. New newspaper: Today: new clothes in the store! December 10: new furniture items! December 10: Deck the halls igloo contest starts! (it goes on until December 12)  It said in the newspaper that the hidden items were today so heres the hidden items: On the first page click on the blue lights either one and you get a puffle pullover. On the second page click on the yellow puffle and you get candy cane wing warmers. On the third page they're hidden in the trees in the top of the first tree there are blue earmuffs in the second tree there's a blue striped scarf and the top of the third tree blue mittens! On the forth page there's a ginger bread costume in the tree not the top. Do you dare to put it on? Santa might mistake you for a cookie. On the last page click on the greenish sparkling ordamint in the tree and you get snowborard boots. PIN TRACKER: SNOW FORTS

UPDATE:   lol update on an update, the snowman suit is on the fourth page in the mountian top.


I don't know what else to say about it to lets just get straight to the op.

Then G  tells you where to go. Notice how he says "Travel down to the VR HQ" The strange thing is that somebody asked me " where is the field-op?".

So then walk over to the third panel to the left

This one is just as you did before to watch out for the red things and rechrage with the big thing and find the key for one of the uncharge magigs.

And that's all after that you get the metel (I have no idea how people got the commander suit so fast!)


What can we be thankful for?

  It's thanksgiving and we don't have a thanksgiving party. We only have card-jitsu water... I think that's the party we can be thankful for card jitsu water! New card jistu water is here! You can step on rocks and race to the gong, and there's new stamps!

Also I found this on a lot of blogs and they said it leaked into the program... it's club penguin in China. Now when you say hits to china if they're from china will they say catches? 3:  Happy thanksgiving!



Here's an update on things going on in club penguin there's new club penguin mail! Click on  the mail icon. Press new mail and you don't have to send one to see what they look like. PIN TRACKER:ICE BURG Also there's a new look for the newspaper if you want to see it click on the newspaper. It's really cool but there's no comics :( There's a new play for the stage called Space adventure planet Y. As you walk in you will see a bunch of yodas >>>>>>:O WHICH ONE IS THE REAL YODA?!?!?!? alien actor : errr we're not yo- Real Luke skywalker penguin: Are we ready to train? Everyone: O_O



Chrisdog93? well actully I did see him, but who I saw was... SENSEI! I just walked from the card jistu water room and POOF I got the sensei stamp! I wasn't even trying to look for him! When he left Chrisdog 93 stood right next to me, he left so I couldn't add him. Sensei didn't add me either. His background didn't change so it might be cool to wear that when he gets his new background. I would of had a picture but I was to excited to take one... If you got on cp you might noticed to rain went away! So they have a scavenger hunt. Here are the answers.

1. Stadium
2.Coffee shop (on table)
3.Pet shop (click on bowl that you normally see.
4.Cove (inside the surf shop) room
6.Dance lounge (on table)
7.Beach (sand bucket not water bottle)
8.Dojo courtyard ( the golden fish on the roof in the lower left hand corner)

click the Claim Prize button and you'll get a background!


Card jistu water ( LOTS OF HINTS)

umm you know about the card jistu water... they gave you lots of hints! 1. Its raining. 2. It's if your a ninja you can see that the thing in the center only water is on the water. 3. They gave you this link on Billy bob's blog 4. They even put it as a new homepage it says Card jistu water. so if you still think that card jistu water is fake... just wait til Nov. 25. Iz gonna be awesome!



Hi it's GAMERGUY1 with a new club penguin blog!!! YEY!! *dances* this is really exciting for me because I never made a blog before! oh and if you know how to get things from club penguin onto the blog please tell me. Well that was the first post evah!